What’s the buzz about Boracay?

If you haven’t been to the Philippines, you are missing a lot. If you have been to different places in the Philippines but haven’t been to Boracay, you are missing half of your life. Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan, Philippines, is a 7-kilometer stretch of powdery white sand surrounded by pristine crystal blue water.

Boracay grotto (18).JPG
Willy’s Rock, Station 1, Boracay Island

While its inviting waters offer various water activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, banana boat riding, jet skiing, kitesurfing and island hopping (See 25 Things To Do In Boracay), strolling on the island is not left out with tons of fun stuff to do like henna/permanent tattooing, enjoying the local culture, feasting on the sea foods and pub crawling or the famous Boracay night life. Some say it is an escape from the real life in the city, while others say that it makes them grow emotionally and socially by being relaxed in the island and meeting other tourists, whether Filipino or from other countries.


When foreign tourists go to the island, they typically already have an itinerary so they can make the most out of their visit. The water activities mentioned above are usually mixed, combined and stretched throughout their 3 or 4-day stay (or more), mostly during daytime, and at night they would experience assimilating into their own “seize the day” thing.

One of the do-not-miss-your-chance feelings in the island is the amazing sunrise at the Bulabog Beach and the captivating sunset at the White Beach. While the former is considered as a perfect energizer for an activity-filled Boracay vacation, the latter is undeniably the best time for romantic lovers to watch together, get a sunset kiss shot, or even catch it with your folks or friends and snap that sunset jump shot with just your silhouettes taken.

Sunset 6.JPG



Currently, the island is closed due to Pres. Duterte’s proclamation declaring some areas of the island in the state of calamity.  This is just for six months though, so don’t fret too much about it. While you are waiting for Boracay to open again, stay tuned at this page for updates about Altabriza, Boracay and everything in between.

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